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Public Address Systems

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Achieving the very best sound reproduction isn’t just important to AudioTech, it’s an absolute obsession.

Audiotech's audio systems offer big sounds from small packages. Our systems and components are capable of delivering rich music, made richer with preset equalizer settings. They’re also convenient, with multiple disc changers for putting in many CDs at one go, Flash memory capability or read music files straight from your computer. With AM/FM tuners, you’re offered with more music choices. We have additional features such as the ability to handle multiple formats, track programming and repeat and random play.

Wide variety of applications

  • Retail Market
  • Home Audio
  • Public buildings
  • Restaurants

Customer-oriented implementation

The goal is to use carefully programmed high fidelity music to break up the ambient noises in public and enhance the experience of every customer so much that they feel connected to the location and more willing than ever to come back for more.